Chemical Peels

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What is Chemical peels?

A chemical peel is used to improve your skin's appearance, texture and tone. It uses chemical solutions to remove dead and damaged skin cells, resulting in brighter, smoother skin.

A chemical peel also stimulates cell turnover and improves active skincare absorption, leading to better results from your skincare products.

It's a highly effective treatment that is a good option to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and uneven skin tone.

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A chemical peel uses acids or enzymes to exfoliate your skin's surface, which removes dead skin cells and reveals the healthy skin underneath.

It also helps promote healthy skin cells and new cellular growth.

We usually recommended 4–6 treatments, depending on the skin concern we're treating. You can choose to continue with monthly or seasonal maintenance peels to help maintain results.

Some people experience heat or prickling when the peel is on. This is completely normal and doesn't last long.

No. There are many different types of peels that treat different skin
concerns, and results can vary. During your consultation we'll complete a full skin assessment and recommend the peel that's right for you.

Mild to moderate flaking a few days after your peel may occur, depending on the depth of the peel used. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a chemical peel around any special events or social commitments.

We usually recommend waiting four weeks between peels, although for some skin conditions, such as acne, a chemical peel can be repeated every two weeks.

Chemical Peels should be avoided if you:

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • are sunburnt
  • have an active skin infection or inflammation
  • have taken Accutane (isotretinoin) in the past six months.

If you're prone to cold sores we advise the use of prophylactic medication prior to a peel. 

People with increased pigmentation will need to use a tyronaise inhibitor at least two weeks prior to a chemical peel to decrease the risk of hyperpigmentation. 

Our classic peels

Synergie Enzyme Hydropeel

A synergistic blend of papaya enzyme and 15% lactic acid will stimulate cellular renewal and leave skin looking soft, plump and hydrated and with a radiant dewy glow.

AlumierMD Advanced Peels

This comprehensive treatment comprises of three key elements - a mask which preps the skin, a chemical peel with a carefully selected blend of exfoliating agents that target specific concerns and a skin booster to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, all customised to suit the needs of the client.

Mesopeel® Melanoplus

A powerful depigmenting peel with a complex formula of trichlotacetic, kojic, ferulic & taxarotene that accelerates epidermis renewal for removal of melanin build up on the surface. It provides a visible improvement in tone and luminosity.

Synergie Lactic Brightening and Hydrating Peel

This is a highly active yet gentle chemical exfoliation treatment. This peel amplifies the skin’s natural moisture properties, inhibits tyrosinase production and stimulates basal cell mitosis to help achieve firmer, hydrated, evenly toned and glowing skin.

Synergie Salicylic Lactic (AHA/BHA) Layered Peel

Combing the benefits of lactic and salicylic acid at specified dosage, a bespoke combination of both acids can be tailored to achieve your desired outcome.

Mesopeel® Azelan

With a powerful combination of salicylic and azelaic acid this peel is highly effective for oily, congested or acneic skin types as well as rosacea sufferers. It provides deep pore purification, exfoliation and potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Purifying Salicylic Peel

With a chemical composition very closely related to aspirin, this BHA salicylic peel results in deep pore purification, exfoliation and potent anti-inflammatory activity. These qualities make this peel treatment the ideal selection for acneic and congested skin types as well as rosacea sufferers when used in lower concentrations.

Mesopeel® Modified Jessner Power Peel

With a powerful combination of lactic, salicylic, resorcinol and kojic acid, this modified Jessner peel will purify and decongest while also exerting potent pigment inhibiting, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Mesopeel® Perioccular

With a unique combination of azelic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol, citric acid and phytic acid, this is a specialised peel with global anti-aging effects dedicated to the sensitive eye area.

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