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Eco-friendly foundation blender for flawless, streak-free, diffused coverage. Made with biodegradable technology, EnviroSponge is a premium-grade and planet-friendly alternative to the traditional beauty sponge. This soft, latex-free sponge flawlessly blends mineral foundation for a velvety smooth, diffused, and dewy finish.

Recommended for all skin types.

Eco-friendly, latex-free beauty sponge

Blends foundation for flawless, streak-free, diffused coverage

Made with planet-friendly biodegradable polymer technology

Promotes an even and dewy skin finish

Will not absorb excess foundation

EnviroSponge’s biodegradable polymer technology is made via specialised fermentation processes using renewable resources. It is latex free, vegan, and suitable for all skin types including sensitive. The EnviroSponge will naturally biodegrade after 6 months, and it is recommended to replace the sponge every 3 months.

Wet the sponge thoroughly and squeeze excess water. The EnviroSponge will almost double in size. Apply EnviroVeil foundation using the rounded edge in a dabbing or 'bounce' motion. Use the angled point for more precise application around eyes and nose. Clean regularly with gentle detergent or cleanser and replace every 3 months.

Synergie Skin is widely regarded by cosmetic medical practitioners and skin clinicians as a leading cosmeceutical range. Founded in 2005, and now an internationally recognised company, Synergie Skin is an innovative Australian cosmeceutical company committed to creating highly active skincare. Synergie offers both highly active cosmeceutical products and a medical only range, Synergie Practitioner, which formulas contain higher dosages of active ingredients and additional potent active ingredients. This range offers clients a step up from the Synergie Skin range and is exclusive to medically-affiliated practices.